Include Co-op
“As an Indigenous woman and a mother, I want to help people who are under-privileged, specifically Indigenous people.”

Housing co-ops not only offer affordable housing, they also give people opportunities to practice leadership and achieve their potential. For Stephanie Kent, living in a co-op has helped her go back to school and work towards her career goals.

When Stephanie Kent first moved into Greenheart Co-op in Winnipeg, she didn’t know what a co-op was, but within two years she was on the board of directors. “It’s different from renting,” she says, “I feel more ownership, especially being on the board. I feel like I can have a say and work with others.”

A single mother of four, Stephanie wanted to demonstrate the importance of education to her kids. A Diversity Scholarship from CHF Canada helped her be able to go back to school. She’s now studying Urban and Inner City Studies at the University of Winnipeg, with the goal of being able to give back to her community: